I am well acquainted with Andrew Yeo being his Pastor for the past 18 years. Ever since he first got saved and joined the church, Andrew has stood out for his all-out commitment to Christ. Shortly after his conversion, he took up the guitar and started composing new songs. Soon, he started to lead in worship and since that time till now, Andrew has grown from grace to grace, faith to faith. Apart from his unique ability to write songs and lead worship, Andrew has a great pastoral heart and this is seen in the way he relates with the young and old in church. In addition, he has a wonderful tenderness to the Lord and this has often seen him weeping before the Lord in great earnest. He is a wonderful asset to our full time team in Cornerstone and he comes highly recommended to all.

Rev. Yang Tuck Yoong
Senior Pastor
Cornerstone Community Church


I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Andrew Yeo for just over a year, and have been immensely excited by what I have seen in the physical and sensed in the spiritual. This is a young man whom God has blessed with talent that goes beyond musical ability, (which he has lots of), and enters the realm of ministry in the truest sense of the word. Andrew is a worshipper and a leader of worshippers. He possesses the God given ability of using music to focus attention on the Creator of the music, and to personally disappear into the background. I have experienced only a humble, servant heart in this young man and look forward to seeing what God will do in his future. In addition, the concept of the “Ignite Band” is one that speaks volumes. This is a group of worship leaders and musicians from different churches coming together to facilitate one thing that they all agree on – our Father is worthy of praise-, and where the brethren dwell in unity, there God will command His blessing.

Andy Skarda
General Manager
Integrity Media Asia


Dear Friends in Ministry, I am so blessed and honored to write to you concerning Andrew Yeo.  I have had the incredible opportunity of being in conferences and services with Andrew. I believe that Andrew is not only a gifted worship leader and psalmist, but he is also a man of integrity.  He carries himself with sincerity and a deep desire to serve.  I believe he is the best worship leader in Asia.  God has gifted him with the ability to lead a service into depth, and hunger for more of God.  When I minister in South East Asia, it is always a personal prerequisite that Andrew leads in the services that I minister in. Why? Because, I know he is ready to change a generation.  He is talented and gifted, but more than that he is the real deal! He is a Psalmist for the Lord!”

Dr. Patrick H. Schatzline,
The Summit Church at Birmingham and Mercy Seat Ministries, Inc. USA


Andrew Yeo is a powerful worship leader with a humble spirit. His music is truly the expression of this. I have seen him lead me powerfully in worship yet not feel proud in God’s presence but retain my sense of worthlessness. This “style” if you might call it represents the heart of this emerging generation: Passionate but humble; free but submissive; expressive but sensitive. That is Andrew and his music should be heard by a generation with such DNA.

Rev. Jerome Ocampo
Head, Jesus Revolution Now!
Senior Pastor of Jesus Flock, Philippines


Andrew is an anointed and dedicated worship leader, musician and song writer.  One of the most difficult things for technically skilled and theoretically trained Christian musicians is to be simple.  Andrew is simple in character, music and songs.  So he has an uncanny ability to always bring down the presence of God and lead people into the throne of God.  Simply put, Andrew let the music decrease and the Lord increase.

Rev. Tan Seow How
Senior Pastor
Heart of God Church, Singapore


When I think of Andrew Yeo, I feel the Father’s pleasure and I can’t help but think of two things: passion for God and presence of God. His fervent love for Jesus flows from deep within and is powerfully expressed in the songs he writes and the worship he leads. It is strong. It is tender. It is prophetic. It is God-honouring. I see him as a bright flaming arrow that is certain to revolutionise his generation in their walk with God.

Mrs Lai-Kheng Pousson
Special Assistant, LoveSingapore


Andrew Yeo is an incredible testimony of God’s ability to use one who is willing to give his best for the ministry. Having seen him lead worship in many rallies and conferences, you do sense there is an immense passion in this minstrel’s heart to lead God’s people into an intimate expression of worship. Andrew’s talents coupled with a servant’s heart is a welcome gift to the Body of Christ.

Rev. Chris Long
Executive Pastor
His Sanctuary of Glory
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Since I first met Andrew Yeo, I have seen him grow into one of the most anointed songwriters and worship leaders in this Joshua Generation of Singapore. I have seen many young people in tears and on their knees as they sang songs written by Andrew! Andrew has both the talent and the heart of worship. He is a worshipper first and foremost! There is something in Andrew put in by God that I believe will not only move the nation of Singapore, but into the Asia Pacific and to the nations of the world as well!

Rev Ken Teo
Director, Re-Gen Ministries Inc.
Senior Pastor of Evangelical Community Church Casey, Melbourne, Australia


I came to know Andrew Yeo in one of our Assemblies of God meetings when he worship led the service and also sang some of the songs that he had written. The first impression that I had of him is his passion and desire to be used of the Lord. He is sincere and very transparent about his humble beginnings and has a willing heart to be a blessing to the larger body of Christ. I am sure the songs that he has written will be one of those on the cutting edge of the youth culture. He not only sings but lives his songs and I recommend him as God’s best as He extends the border of his ministry.

Rev Alfred Yeo
Senior Pastor
Zion Full Gospel Church (AG), Singapore